Wire wrapped pendants

Once I realized that I have to choose a new hobby :)
 By the time definitely I was bored with seed beads. It was then that I became interested of work with copper wire.

At first, I enthusiastically twisted a wire, 
and, in my opinion, quite successfully :)
I made a few pendants in this technique

and my interest in it began to weaken ...


warm winter hats

Spring is coming .... and I have new items - many warm winter hats ... :)

gradient wool slouchy hat
orange beanie
Denim Blue Beanie     

                                                          warm winter hats

to be continued :)

stud earrings with turquoise beads

Simple stud earrings with turquoise beads wrapped in copper wire.

Measure approx. 1/3" (7-9mm) in diameter (including wire)